Dublin, the evergreen city

Have you ever taken part in a language trip, where good education and exciting adventures are combined? You haven’t? Read on and find out why you should definitely go to Dublin.

We went on our language trip to Dublin from March 17th – 24th. We stayed with host families for one week to improve our language skills and to learn about Irish culture. Not only the outgoing attitude of the Irish people but the city itself made a great impression on all of us. As you may know, March 17th is St Patrick’s Day and we arrived on just that day to find the whole city in green lights. The next day, a bank holiday, we went on a breathtaking cliff walk to Howth to look for seals in the north of Dublin. On Tuesday, lessons started and they were much cooler than everyone had expected. Our teachers were lovely and we learned a lot in a funny way. Our afternoon activities started on Tuesday as well and allowed us to get in touch with the history, culture and people in Dublin. We visited the Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship, Kilmainham Gaol (a famous jail) and the National Archeology Museum. We also had a Dublin city walking tour to get an overview of the capital. During our many walks, we learnt the most important rule of Dublin concerning traffic: red means green. On Thursday we went on an Irish Dance Party with professional dancers who taught us some basic dancing steps to traditional Irish Folk Music. We spent our last day in Kilkenny, a medieval city two hours away from Dublin, where we visited the famous castle, in which many astonishing paintings are displayed, and explored the city on our own.

To put it in a nutshell, we have to say that our trip was great and full of extraordinary moments. Our host families were friendlier than we had thought. We enjoyed our language trip and would recommend it to you.

Written by 3HCD students