Our Contest of Spoken English

The abilities of our versatile students had another opportunity to grow during this year's Contest of Spoken English, which is held every year at the Rosensteingasse for its own students across classes. This year's competition took place on the last day of the semester, so our students had a chance to celebrate the end of term in a social setting that included a nutritious breakfast sponsored by the Parents' Association.

Students from both the BMS and BHS competed in two rounds that not only inspired conversation in English, but also encouraged students to form, present, and defend their opinions about topics from a social, professional, and technical context. The activities led to many interesting exchanges of ideas; there was also something fun and unexpected for all parties, for both students and the jury. It was a lovely change of pace that supplemented English lessons wonderfully.

The winners were Roberto Gonzalez-Portal from the 2AFCHU and Patrik Bohos from the 4AHCIB. They will go on to compete in the city-wide competition at the end of February.

The winners and runner ups received prizes from a variety of sponsors. Both Cool Tours and SFA donated vouchers for international language trips, and Tesla donated test drives of their newest models. The Alumni Association donated gift certificates for Thalia, Metrohm donated copies of John Green's novel, Paper Towns, English Theater donated tickets, Oberbank donated bags and accessories, and HPT donated gift certificates. These generous contributions helped make the event so delightful and enabled us to reward are engaged and enthusiastic students very handsomely.

We thank our sponsors and all participants. You have contributed to our school's community and together we have come another step further.

© by Constantine Georgantzas